Member of Parliament not sleepwalking in Ottawa

Columnist Ken Wilson discusses the New Prosperity Mine proposal, Small Business Week, and vandalism.

Here is part of a letter I sent to our Member of Parliament, Dick Harris.

It appears as though the only prosperity, that will come to our region of Canada in the next while, will be the new Prosperity Mine Project.

Approval for the mine would provide 60,000 person years of employment and the taxes in the neighborhood of $1.7 billion would come into the federal coffers, while $3.4 billion would be paid to the Province of B.C.

If this mine is not approved, it will send a strong message to potential investors that B.C. and Canada are not open for mining investment.

Dollars and jobs will go elsewhere, if this mine is not granted the right to open.

I have been a supporter of the Conservative party since 1958 and I don’t want to loose my faith in a government that has always stood up for business.

Thank you, Dick, for your strong support, and now I sincerely hope your colleagues will be as positive as you are regarding a vote of approval for Prosperity, in the Cariboo Chilcotin of Beautiful British Columbia.

That was the basis of my letter regarding the New Prosperity Mine.

In a note to a constituent a few days ago, Mr. Harris said he is working to promote the mine.

“I am not exactly sleepwalking over here in Ottawa, and in fact have been non-stop in our advocacy of the New Prosperity Mine. It has and is a huge priority for us and we will be front and centre on it here until the decision is made. Keep on plugging the New Prosperity for the Cariboo Chilcotin.”

This week, Ervin Charleyboy was visiting the MP in Ottawa. Keep up the good work, Ervin.

Still with federal politics, I was glad to see last week’s signing in principle of the Canada-European Union free trade deal, Canada’s largest trade agreement was a real highlight for the prime minster.

There will be more business competition in Canada as a result of the agreement and it will certainly help small business in BC who have goods they could sell in Europe. I think this might be one of Prime Minister Harper’s best deals since he has led the Canadian Government.

This is perhaps one more reason to celebrate Small Business Week in B.C. Over one-million are employed in small business across our province and the Chamber of Commerce throughout the province are holding seminars and other events to celebrate businesses in British Columbia.

The Williams Lake Chamber is holding special events related to Small Business Week.


Those who set the bridge on fire at the 900 logging road should make an appointment with the stupid clinic. What a dumb, senseless thing to do. What do these people think they are accomplishing?

The RCMP suspect the rash of crime in Alexis Creek area is perpetrated by prolific offenders.

If they are caught I wish the judges had the authority to boot them out of this area for some time. Do you think these people would continue their stupidity if they were not around friends or dummies of the same ilk?

Do you think these people feel real good about their crimes and the bridge fire?

Ken Wilson is a freelance columnist with the Tribune/Advisor.