Measures of kindness

No amount of kindness offered is too small. I don’t know where I saw that, but it must have been on a poster somewhere.

By Angie Mindus

No amount of kindness offered is too small.

I don’t know where I saw that, but it must have been on a poster somewhere in my travels around town, or in between school and the arena recently.

I’m not one to surround myself with positive mantras but this one seems to have really stuck with me.

Wouldn’t the world be a better place if we were all a little kinder  –– not letting ourselves be led around by our egos and insecurities?

North Shore Search and Rescue lost a man last weekend who seemed to lived his life while spring boarding from one act of kindness after another.

Tim Jones died Sunday after collapsing while hiking down from a rescue cabin on Mt. Seymour. His passing is being felt around the province, even here in Williams Lake.

He was the spokesperson for most search and rescue operations at the coast and it was apparent through his time in the media spotlight that he cared deeply for those he helped.

Reporters cried while reporting on his death this week and Premier Christy Clark issued a press release marking his passing.

It’s fair to say I think we’d all love a send off like that when it’s our time to go.

But we can’t all live our lives so grand, and I personally know many individuals deserving of praise for their acts of kindness in our community.

Like the residents of Horsefly Lake, members of the South Cariboo Search and Rescue, staff at the Animal Care Hospital and Pacific Coast Airlines who all worked together in December to save the life of one injured juvenile loon.

Or, the staff at the Wildlife Rescue Association at the coast who nursed the fragile bird back to health over several weeks.

We heard yesterday that Interior Roads offered up a huge act of kindness in recent days by plowing several kilometres of packed snow to help out the Peter family who have been snowed in for some time.

The Tribune’s own reporter Monica Lamb-Yorski went the extra mile and offered up her own act of kindness by listening to the troubles of the Peter family, when many others wouldn’t, myself included.

So, I guess it’s true — no act of kindness is too small.

Let’s continue to test that theory, shall we?


– Angie Mindus, Williams Lake Tribune