Lots to see in our own back yard

Warm holiday weekend offers opportunity to see what there is in our own back yard.

The sunny weather offered our family the opportunity to get out and explore more of our new home region over the weekend. After all, we’ve only been here since the end of August.

With guests from the Kootenays and family from Prince Rupert in tow, we visited Farwell Canyon for the second time, taking them down to the old ranch site by the river to see the aging log buildings and modern-day campsites. 

Leisurely we turned over rocks, watched the Chilcotin River run by, took hundreds of photographs, and wondered more about the area’s past. 

Looking up to one of the dune-like ridges we saw at first what we thought were trees, but as they began to move, we realized they were people. 

Next time, we’ll have to figure out how to access that ridge.

On Sunday, after our Easter brunch, we drove down to the  head of the River Valley Trail on Mackenzie Ave., dropped off one runner, two bikers and a dog. 

The rest of us drove up past the transfer station, down the winding dirt road to the mid-point of the River Valley Trail to start walking. This time we made it all the way to the Fraser River. Wow. 

Along the way we saw Canada geese, mallard ducks, other hikers, runners, and dogs, all out enjoying the sun. 

By the time we returned, the walkers had put in 10 kms and the rest much more.

With all the dust in the air at this time of year, it’s important for us city dwellers to get out and breath in some forest air. 

This weekend was a good reminder of that, plus the fact there are so many great areas to explore right in our own backyard.