Look beyond Liberal and NDP parties for positive change


So Christy Clark is our new premier, winning the Liberal leadership convention as predicted.



So Christy Clark is our new premier, winning the Liberal leadership convention as predicted.

Unfortunately, she does not have the “clean image” that she needs to get the Liberals re-elected. She was unimpressive in the two portfolios that she held as a cabinet minister under Gordon Campbell. As education minister, schools were closed around the province to save money, a move which was opposed by the children and families affected by her decisions. She did not help families living in poverty when she was in that ministry either. She was the deputy premier when the BC Rail scandal broke, and she quickly stepped out of politics to accept a lucrative job as a talk show host at CKNW.

This sleazy deal involved her brother, and we don’t even know the true story of what happened. Obviously the plea bargain deal protected the Liberal insiders. She will not even approach the subject. She may be “Ms. Popular,” but has two strikes against her.

Having the media firmly on her side is her greatest asset. The Liberals hope that the electorate has short memories and can be fooled again. This is a new version of a corrupt party with the same players.

The NDP needs to get rid of Moe Sihota if they want to present a new image, and get some sincere candidates with some charisma.

Gordon Campbell will be remembered for selling out B.C. He sold B.C. Gas to Terasen and he sold B.C. Rail, our most valued utility. He will be remembered for his DUI in Hawaii, the fudge-it budget he fabricated to get re-elected, the hated HST, and for sponsoring the biggest winter party that the world has ever seen — at a cost of $7 billion. And for running up a huge deficit.

The provincial legislature just went for 256 days without a sitting. Now there’s a paid holiday that some of us working people could use.

If British Columbians want some positive change, and to see some funding for those who could use the help, they might have to look beyond these two parties that have served themselves and their wealthy friends for the last 20 years.

Michael Atwood

Chimney Lake