Light-bulb law sickening



I am greatly disturbed by the government’s arbitrary decision to make the energy-efficient CFLs the only source of lights available to the population of B.C.

I am disturbed by the physical properties of these lights. We tried them for about a year, and they caused me to suffer from dizzy headaches the entire time.

I am not the only one who has physical difficulties with these lights. Several people I have spoken to have declared they cannot use them. As well, I have seen several reports on TV newscasts about people suffering from various forms of physical discomforts due to these lights.

Not even my chickens like them. They ceased to lay eggs for me when I put out the bulbs.

They are environmentally dangerous because of the mercury they contain and must be disposed of as hazardous materials.

This is at complete loggerheads with the claims that these are environmentally advantageous.

I am disturbed, concerned and outraged about the government’s decision to remove our ability to choose our form of lighting in our own private homes, and dictating to us that we must use a type that is not safe for everyone to use.

My small stockpile of incandescent lights will not last me very long.

What shall I do once they are gone?

I cannot use the CFLs and be healthy.

Linda Purjue

Williams Lake