Letters: You can’t deny the science on climate change

An appeal to climate change deniers; first, an explanation of peer-reviewed science.


An appeal to climate change deniers; first, an explanation of peer-reviewed science.

Peer-reviewed science, from my non-science background, means science that has been published and evaluated by other scientists to ensure that proper scientific methods are used, to ensure the best probability/accuracy of the research outcomes.

Here are some results of a geochemist, James Powell, who did a count of the published/peer-reviewed research on climate change in the year 2013.

In that year alone, there were 10,885 peer-reviewed, published research studies confirming anthropogenic (man-made) global warming — climate change.

There were a mere two peer-reviewed studies that rejected climate change.

That would translate into a rough probability that there is a 99.99 per cent chance climate change is true compared to a less than one in 1,000 chance it is not true.

If your doctor said: “The best science indicates there is a 99.99 per cent chance that if you take this pill for 10 days you will heal and live;” if you don’t take the pill, you have a .01 per cent chance or 1 in 1,000 chance of living. Your choice?

Antibiotics are not even 99.99 per cent effective.

Unfortunately, if you ignore climate change your children and grandchildren and everybody’s children will pay the price for ignorance and lack of action and selfishness.

There is other research out there but it is paid for by oil companies and pipeline companies, huge investment firms and not published for peer review.

The objective of that so-called science is to mislead you. Think about it. Why wouldn’t they publish it if it were good science?

I was talking to a teacher friend the other day and he told me there is much more research evidence confirming climate change than there is showing smoking causes cancer.

Do you think we should encourage kids to smoke because science lies?

Pope Francis gets peer-reviewed science. He was a chemist in his younger life.

When change is needed in one’s life, intentional ignorance provides the best alibi for doing nothing but the shame is, everybody knows.

Tom Salley

Williams Lake