LETTERS: World government not the answer

How to begin? With phrases like “world order,” “world parliament,” “world citizen,” “democratic world government,” I just had to respond.


Re: Diana French, Changing the Planet.

How to begin? With phrases like “world order,” “world parliament,” “world citizen,” “democratic world government,” in your most recent column, I just had to respond. Talk about opening a Pandora’s box.

There is a huge online industry out there in the cyber world which has been labelled the conspiratorial alt-right, (alternative right), that has been warning for years that the entire man-made global climate change dialectic is nothing more than a convenient means to achieve global government, (the so called New World Order). Your article has just confirmed those conspiracies.

Your suggestion, however, goes completely against the current grain, given what we just witnessed in the Great Britain vote to leave a similar over-reaching political body, (the Brexit vote), with many other European nations considering the same.

The rise of support for Donald Trump in the U.S. suggests a similar disdain among much of the American electorate for “globalization” and “global government” superseding national governments.

But fear not, (or should I warn fear lots?) because the same book that eons ago predicted the re-establishment of a tiny Middle-Eastern nation, (the Jewish State — Israel, 1948), and this little state becoming the bane of existence for the nations of the world, also predicted that world government would indeed be established at about the same time.

This book, known as the Christian Bible, has much to say about “world government,” and let’s just say, none of it’s good.

In fact many, many millions of people will perish because of the autocratic, dictatorial nature of this world governing system and its totalitarian leader.

So lest you think that man-made “world government” is the solution to our many problems, I would warn, be careful what you wish for.

Rather, I would suggest picking up that dusty old bible sitting in the corner of your book shelf and skip to the end of the book to find out more about this global governance system you so desire to see in your grandchild’s lifetime.  You may be horrified at what you read, and convinced that maybe you should re-access your connection with the Almighty.

That advice applies to all of us.

Duane Muir

Williams Lake