LETTERS: Where are improvements?

I am responded to a letter submitted by Henry Van Soest recently.


I am responded to a letter submitted by Henry Van Soest recently. I don’t have anything to add to his letter, other than full support. I do agree with all the points made.

It seems each election year we all get knocks on the door and phone calls asking for our support come election day.

Once the election is over, no more knocks, no more phone calls.

Instead the elected officials hide in their chambers and pass ridiculous bylaws such as the sidewalk cleaning bylaw that Mr. Van Soest talked about.

Put the pressure on the home or business owner.

What would make more sense at a time that the economy is what it is, create some employment, have someone paid by our tax money clean the sidewalks with the machines I know they have.

For example, my sidewalk on Barnard close to the Legion is so worn out, one would need a rubber shovel to clean it.

The sidewalk is full of holes, the surface is completely destroyed from the years of rain, ice and snow.

I often wonder who would get taken to court if someone injured themselves walking on it in the summer time.

Being close to the Legion plenty of elderly people do use it.

It is a mess and it seems nothing is in the works to replace it.

The downtown area, at this moment, is a mess. Granted, it’s a bad time of year.

The sidewalk bylaw has to be revisited.

We pay taxes and they, the city, get their money every year.

In five years at this location and all taxes paid, I have not seen five cents worth of improvements.

We need our residents to get on board, make some noise and get some changes in place.

Alan Hunt

Williams Lake