LETTERS: We must use resources to improve our quality of life

Modern day Chicken Little’s cry out, “The sky is falling, it’s overloaded with CO2.


Modern day Chicken Little’s cry out, “The sky is falling, it’s overloaded with CO2. We have to stop hydro dams, oil pipelines, fracking, mines, used railway ties.” They place blind faith in fraudulent science and quack scientists who don’t follow in the footsteps of Albert Einstein but more closely resemble Professor Daffy Duck. I suppose they envision us inhabiting a future Garden of Eden with our benevolent government providing us with all we need for free.

Our modern sage suggests we burn logged wood in our waste wood power plant instead of railway ties so we can keep mills, loggers and truckers working, forgetting that we benefit from utilizing the least expensive energy sources. What are we supposed to do with used railway ties anyway?

Get rid of the trains so we don’t have to use railway ties? Think of all the extra employment we could create for all the truckers we would need to replace the trains!

And a bonus, we no longer would be inconvenienced at railway crossings waiting for a train to pass. The sage says “Win, Win!”

The rest of the world is burning, coal, oil, building dams, pipelines and fracking. Canada’s contribution to pollution is negligible, we have scrubbers in our smokestacks and we burn at such high temperatures that most everything is vaporized.

We are already clean energy producers at a reasonable price.

Mr. Trudeau is charging a harmful escalating carbon tax which will cost every Canadian household $2,500 a year, every year by 2022. It will be staycations for us taxpayers while he vacations in the Caribbean with the Aga Kan.

We are letting the tyranny of a verbose minority halt productive projects that would improve the welfare of every Canadian.

Thirty years ago the “experts” were saying, “We’re running out of gas and oil.”

As it turns out, we keep running into more and more gas and oil. Canada has the greatest abundance of oil in the world and were supposed to ignore and not utilize it?

Alan Trenzek

Williams Lake