LETTERS: Water licences destroying lake

B.C. Lake Stewardship Society compares the health of B.C. Lakes each July.


B.C. Lake Stewardship Society compares the health of B.C. Lakes each July.

108 Lake was the third worst for 2016.

The extremely low declining lake level due to five outdated water licences is the reason for the worst sec-chi reading recorded on 108 Lake in my opinion.

Four of the water licences are located between Tubbs Lake and the 108 inlet. Man-made dams obstruct the natural flow of water into 108 Lake.

A 1969 water licence allows 400-acre feet of water to be removed from 108 Lake for irrigation each year.

All five of these water licences should be terminated to save the 108 Lakes.

The 1969 irrigation licence contains a clause (J) that states a minimum diversion level will be set by the B.C. government.

Even though the licence was amended in 2006 this minimum level has never been completed and it appears that the present ministry has no intention of saving 108 Lake.

This 1969 water licence is a legal document that requires all clauses to be completed therefore this licence is not legal in my opinion.

Every B.C. government since 1993 has been negligent by allowing this clause to remain incomplete.

It appears that our elected representatives prefer green grass over the health of 108 (and Sepa) Lakes.

There is an inexpensive solution for supplying irrigation water that would require the co-operation of the provincial government, the Cariboo Regional District and the residents of 108 Mile Ranch.

James E. Gellein

108 Mile Ranch