Letters: Secure Earth for children and grandchildren’s futures

We promised our children and grandchildren protection. We didn’t lie. We are life’s highest expression. Recognize deceitful promises.


We promised our children and grandchildren protection.  We didn’t lie.  We are life’s highest expression.  Recognize deceitful promises.

The carbon emission fossil-fuel industry needs global burning of Canada’s bitumen, coal, and Liquified Fracked Gas.  They buy massive Government aid.  Unregulated global burning of known fossil-fuel reserves are five times larger than remaining carbon budgets for staying below 2C.

Carbon budgets keeping below 2C have four in five chances to succeed.  .02C is the climate change bullet in a five chamber revolver that will kill our children’s 2C future.

Carbon emissions cut to zero still means global warming will double .08C to 1.6C.  Add .02C and 1C will double to 2C.  Alberta and Orinoco tar-sands are .01C … half of remaining global carbon budgets to stay below 2C.

The fossil-fuel industry plays fully loaded Russian Roulette with our grand-children’s future.  Demand different choices democratically.  Disarm them in time.  Act for social development.

Partial budgets of global fossil-fuel/military/industrial complexes can provide a sustainable pro-social society, meeting universal needs for alll, protecting our children’s future.

Developed nuclear arms and delivery systems, targeted to kill every human being on Earth 11 times over, remain on 15 minute alert.  Domination and submission are the essence of security for whom?  The military remains the world’s worse carbon polluter.

Autocratic power and control are pathological.  Democratic social equality demands divestment from homicidal liabilities.  Secure Earth for our children and grandchildren’s future welfare … for Canadian and global human social interest.

Create peace … harmonious stable sustaining co-operative human communities and human civilization. Recognize and respectfully fulfill universal human welfare with peace and democracy.  Live long, democratically free, within cities for peaceful social coexistence. Protect us democratically.

Herb Nakada

Williams Lake