Letters: Public engagement essential

Re: A Call for Pubic Engagement on the Rail Tie issue.


Re: A Call for Pubic Engagement on the Rail Tie issue.

Why should I be concerned about the fuel source at the cogeneration plant?

Normally this should be a question determined by private industry, however, this issue hinges on an emission permit application before the Ministry of Environment on the burning of rail ties.

Public engagement is essential for this process to function properly.

This letter is not intended to express an opinion but rather a plea to all interest groups and citizens to research all the health and economic implications that are being brought forward. At this time many questions remain unanswered by both M.O.E. and Atlantic Power and an engaged community will likely have many more.

The use of secondary wood fibre in our evolving forest industry is possibly the biggest question mark in the economic future of this area.

The following websites will direct you to the regulator sources and address, emissions information, economic models, news articles, Atlantic Power open houses, etc. www.breatheasywilliamslake.org .

The result of this process will shape our community future and define us as citizens.

Bill Lloyd, President

Cariboo Chilcotin Conservation Society