Letters: Keep Halloween fun for everyone

Anyone who has a child who struggles with anxiety or who is sensitive to over stimulation can probably relate to my frustrations.


Anyone who has a child who struggles with anxiety or who is sensitive to over stimulation can probably relate to my frustrations at this time of year.

As the shops display their Halloween decor, costumes and masks, I as a parent have to be especially vigilant walking into certain businesses for the sake of my anxious daughter.

It’s hard not to notice the escalation of gory and frightening items leering out from the shelves or hanging in front of your face from the ceiling.

My sensitive child still remembers the store that had an animated witch in their bathroom that came to life and cackled at her when she walked in the door. That was 5 years ago when she was 6.

Just last week she burst into terrified tears in a grocery store as we walked past a very frightening mask on display.

We as a society have become calloused to things that really are shocking and disturbing.

I want to remind people that there are children out there who really can’t handle being frightened, it is not fun for them (or the parents who have to console them).

Let me say, I love Halloween! I love dressing up, I love seeing everyone’s costumes and the excited faces of kids as they trick or treat at my door.

I love the feeling of adventure and excitement as you head off to fill your pillowcase with treats!

I understand that as a parent it is my responsibility to know what my child can handle or not handle.

However, there are some situations you just can’t avoid and this is where my request comes in.

As a store owner, you can put your more graphic/gruesome items around a corner or in a less conspicuous spotĀ  instead of at the front door.

Please avoid surprising your patrons with something jumpy or scary.

As a home owner, you could have your creepiest/scariest decor close to the front door or in the garage and the soundtrack of the chainsaw psychopath murdering that girl doesn’t need to be heard by the whole street but just those who come to your door.

That way we can see that your house is too much for our anxious children and we will skip it.

Thanks for considering these requests. Lets keep Halloween fun for everyone!

Sarah Greig

Williams Lake