Letters: Green alarmists have gone too far on opposition to everything

I am glad common sense has prevailed and our power generating plant will be allowed to burn railway ties.


I am glad common sense has prevailed and our power generating plant will be allowed to burn railway ties.

The Americans have seven giant power plants utilizing old ties for fuel.

They have been burning them for 20 years and experienced no environmental problems.

I suspect if we had banned burning ties we would next be seeing letters imploring us to shut down the power plant, and that windmills would be our salvation.

Environmental activists are trying to shut down most everything. They are most effective in Canada, funded in part by large American interests.

A foolish “have not” province, New Brunswick with high unemployment and lots of shale gas bans fracking because of green hysteria.

Green alarmists are opposed to pipelines everywhere.

No way they say to Alberta oil sands oil being piped to our eastern provinces, meanwhile, these same provinces import 650,000 barrels of oil a day from Saudi Arabia, etc.

Thousands of Canadians are out of work because our oil sands are vilified but no complaints about oil that comes from countries with weaker environmental standards  and have deplorable behaviour to women and minorities.

We have a gold mine out west that Steven Harper ashamedly red lighted for political reasons. That’s another 500 people sleeping the restless sleep of the unemployed.

And how many wrote letters trying to stop Mount Polley from reopening?

Most people want to work, support their families and dreams, not be dependant on government handouts.

Developing resources creates well-paying jobs and tax revenues.

Without these, where is the money coming from to pay for doctors, highways, teachers, ministry of families and police?

Our federal debt increases $100,000 every minute of every day.

We spend more money on interest payments on our debt in a year than on K-12 education.

The youth wing of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation just completed their “What we owe road show.”

They went to various university campuses, they refer to their age group as “Generation Screwed” recognizing that they will end up being responsible and paying for our short sightedness.

Alan Trenzek

Williams Lake