LETTERS: Appreciate extra hour of daylight

The issue of the time change is again in the news.


Re: time change

The issue of the time change is again in the news.

I really don’t have difficulty with getting rid of the time change but I am opposed to Standard Time, year round.

If we are to have one time all year, make it Daylight Savings Time.  The discussion always seems to assume ST. Why?

Today was the first day of DST and the extra hour of daylight in the evening was very much appreciated.

Similarly, the ‘fall back’ in October always depresses me.

Living in the north, daylight is a cherished commodity.

We should have the daylight when we can best use it.

If we stay on ST the sun would rise around 3 a.m. in the summer which is of little use to most of us.

It would also get dark at 9 p.m., instead of 10 p.m., and that is the most upsetting to me.

I love long summer nights of daylight and would hate to lose them. We need to discuss this issue before making a decision.

Stuart Westie

Williams Lake