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LETTER: Writing is in the sky

Haze in the air is an opportunity to find alternatives to unclean energy sources
A thick smoky haze is visible over Williams Lake as resident calls for change. (Timothy Vant photo)


As the sun rises over Williams Lake, it is impossible not to notice the haze that hangs in the morning calm. Climate change, while constant, is merely a label for the damage we continue to inflict upon mother Earth.

Bottom line, we need to stop burning harmful materials. We need to phase out combustion engines that are burning dirty fuels like coal, oil, forests … The list goes on and this is just a short one.

Fun Fact: Did you know that Henry Ford intended for his first model to run on biofuel? He was a believer of hemp, however his dream and those of many were quashed by colonial greed and the intentions of the few wielding the reins of power at the beginning of the last century.

As this century approaches the one quarter mark, we all have tremendous opportunity and responsibility.

We can choose to bike more, we can choose to switch to an electric vehicle, (as long as the power generated is “clean”).

We can choose to support barter and small businesses to give back to the community. We might even choose to go back to having a pack animal. Don’t laugh, I have considered this option. Donkeys are sweet.

The provincial and federal governments offer incentives up to $9,000 for residents currently driving combustion vehicles to switch over to electric, depending on vehicle and income. Now I and many of you are well aware of the greenwashing that took place by some very wealthy American democrats in the last century, let’s not let their exploitation of the situation taint our view.

There has been much hogwash and greenwash over the years.

The bad news for the powers that be is that more people are waking up.

We are here!

We are awake, and we will unite to bring about positive change and a healthier environment for our children and our children’s children.

Timothy Vant