Letter: Words of advice on skating

As a young girl growing up in Alberta skating was a special recreation.


As a young girl growing up in Alberta skating was a special recreation. Almost as soon as I walked, I had bob skates, little metal double blades, attached to my winter boots. Then the fun began.

My dad often took us skating to the arena in Calgary. He also created an outdoor skating rink at home.

I remember my brothers having long hours of hockey playing time and many a Christmas when our cousins, with us, skated the afternoon away before a yummy dinner was served.

It was every girl’s dream to own figure skates but one Christmas, at 12 years old, I received a beautiful pair of ordinary white blade skates. I do remember being a little disappointed.

However, those skates were used for a very long time. Moving to B.C. when I was 14 somehow skating did not happen as often.

Years later, in 100 Mile House, I started teaching my daughter how to skate and my son, too, as he became old enough.

We skated at the arena, on outdoor skating rinks and even up and down the Willow River in Wells, B.C., during a winter of little snow.

As the children grew older my husband made a little outdoor rink for them in our backyard.

Many a child skated on that rink especially at birthday parties for our January birthday girl.

One Christmas, this time in 100 Mile House, I had at last received a pair of white figure skates.

Years later I am still using these skates which were wonderful while I was younger.

On Dec. 22, 2014 I went skating at the arena in Williams Lake with my family.

I was very cautious as I hadn’t been skating for a few years.

Also, at my age (in my 70s) I have issues with mobility and osteoarthritis.

As I became more confident I tried to skate to the music the way I once did.

I caught the right toe pick and down I went, breaking my right humerus and chipping the shoulder bone.

I am now on the mend from a very nasty break. Since then I have heard about two serious accidents involving figure skates.

So if, like me, you are older and not so limber anymore by all means have fun, even skate.

However, my advice is get those picks ground off or purchase a pair of ordinary blade skates.

In closing, I wish to thank Kelly and Leah for their kindness and expertise in getting me off the ice.

Also, many thanks to Denise Skarra for making her thoughtful phone call to our home the following day.

Jeanie Vant

150 Mile House