Letter: Time nears to stop global climate change

Chief Economist Fatih Birol says the door closes in two years to keep the world below 2C. Outrageous?


We’ve waited too long.

Chief Economist Fatih Birol says the door closes in two years to keep the world below 2C.  Outrageous?

Unthinkable is watching our own children’s future civilization lost, as if we were their worse enemy.  Democracy demands we prevent climate catastrophe “justly” for future generations.

2015 is crucial. We need to stay below 2C by having responsible carbon budgeting that protects our children’s future.

To stay below 2C, there must be necessary voluntary democratic cooperation in Canada.

Irreversible climate and environmental damage exists.  CO2 and methane are increasingly released on an industrial scale with massive irreversible poisoning of Nature’s miraculous life-giving water.

Unthinkable for Canadian policy-makers is phasing out Canada’s fossil-fuel industry in 35 years –– beginning this decade.

Unthinkable? Acknowledge our children and grandchildren are humans in harm’s way.  We phase out Canada’s fossil-fuel production by 2050 for humans or face inhuman choices.

Respect the rights and dignity of present and future generations globally.

Recognize global social equality –– the rights, dignity and justice for all.

Canadian servitude earns blood money protecting, promoting and producing lethal global greenhouse gases while poisoning precious water. Blindly subservient on bribing multi-national fossil-fuel industry, is a democratic challenge.

Canadians can make it right.

Rising global GHG emissions, massive poisoning of Nature’s precious water, is a key election issue in 2015.

In 2015 there are perplexing Canadian democratic challenges for all mankind for all time.  Properly perceived, Canadian democratic life has a different meaning in 2015.

Herb Nakada

Williams Lake