Letter to the editor

Letter to the editor

LETTER: Think of children, remove weeds from the lake

The area is used by many people especially in the summer by young children


I read with interest the two letters in your Nov. 26 edition.

I have been privileged to live by Williams Lake for just under 40 years and have watched it closely as the years have gone by.

Scout Island has become virtually unusable as a result of the weeds and the feces dropped by the burgeoning Canada goose population.

The area is used by many people especially in the summer by young children.

Many families do not have access to the pristine lakes surrounding our town, either because of finances, lack of transportation or time constraints.

These are the people we should be thinking about.

Williams Lake has been affected by the imprint of man there is no getting around that.

For many years now new construction has had to pump their sewage to the main city of Williams Lake sewage system.

Perhaps an elimination of older city systems and other non-city properties might help. Williams Lake is also an “industrialized area” and this industry has provided its inhabitants with many well paying jobs over many years.

Hopefully this will not change.

As regards Jean Oke’s letter and her comments.

Mr Nelson does indeed own a home by the lake and when the weeds become too bad and his family can’t swim, he probably does as I do, gets out the rake and clears a path to deeper water. Will this admission of environmental vandalism get me arrested? Whereas the overworked young mother with two kids on a baking hot August day is hooped.

So I would say to Jean Oke, stop the ad homonym attack on our hard working councillor and think of the children and the families of our town.

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Alistair Menzies

Williams Lake

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