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LETTER: Solutions needed, not criticisms in Williams Lake homeless problem

I have questions regarding Mr. Cobb’s presentation to city council
Letter to the editor.


Page 3 of the Dec. 22 edition of the Tribune contained an article about former mayor Walt Cobb’s presentation to the city council concerning issues related to people housed at the Hamilton temporary emergency shelter including vandalism, theft, drug use, defecation, etc.

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I have questions regarding Mr. Cobb’s presentation:

1) Was there a distinction made between residents of the Hamilton and the many homeless people in the area? Is he blaming the wrong people?

2) Was there a recognition of the history of these people, of the abuse they have suffered: neglect, physical, emotional, and sometimes sexual, starting in early childhood, sometimes before they were born (eg. fetal alcohol), and progressing into adulthood where they are re-victimized?

3) Did Mr. Cobb offer positive solutions?

For example, when a homeless person needs to go to the bathroom what are their alternatives?

Did he urge the council to provide toilet facilities, especial around the alley between the Hamilton and Shoppers, and the Stampede Grounds?

Perhaps they just shouldn’t go at all!

If it takes a community to raise a child, we have let these people down. They deserve our empathy and support, real, concrete, effective support.

They never had a chance, and they are not in their situation by choice.

The homeless need support. And the residents of the Hamilton don’t need to be criticized for things they didn’t do. They’ve had far too much of that already. Mr. Cobb, be part of the solution, not part of the problem.

Stuart Westie

Williams Lake

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