Letter: Society needs renewable energy targets to phase out fossil fuel consumption

On track to reach 5C-6C by the end of this century (IEA 2011) burning fossil-fuels –– we are “locked-in” by the fossil-fuel industry.


On track to reach 5C-6C by the end of this century (IEA 2011) burning fossil-fuels –– we are “locked-in” by the fossil-fuel industry.

Eight of the 11 wealthiest corporations of the world are in the fossil-fuel industry and “must” block effective climate-action.

They cannot make “legal” plans to keep fossil-fuel reserves in the ground unused/unburned($26-29 trillion in “known” reserves.

More than enough to kill all of us, seven to 10 billion-plus).

They spend $600 billion exploring for more reserves while the government spends $600 billion to subsidize them.

They must extract.

They are “legally bound” to earn more money for “entitled” investors (Public Liability Ltd.).

Fossil-fuels must be phased out beginning 2020 by 2100 to keep below 2C (IPCC Nov. 2, 2014).

Powerful billionaires/fossil-fuel multi-national corporations are spending billions to “rule” government (manufactured consent/content) to save itself from effective global climate-action.

You should care.

By 2017, the door closes from keeping global-warming below 2C (Fatih Birol, Chief Economist, International Energy Agency).

Big money will sabotage and nullify the Climate Summit in Paris 2015.

Can “big” money nullify the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)?

Scientists and researchers make up the IPCC.  The scientific wording is hammered out line by line by stakeholders and scientists.

The hammered IPCC report goes to politicians who decide on effective/ineffective climate-action/solutions for the world(Paris Climate Summit 2015).

Vast money rules politicians in fossil-fuel global powers (US Supreme Court Chief Justice Roberts [George Bush appointee] “Citizen’s United” decision allows the big booming voice of money [free speech] and 35 people own more wealth/income/profit than 3.5 billion people-UN Development Report 2014).

Big money won big in the U.S. (2014) mid-term elections.  Keystone Pipeline completion is among the fossil-fuel industry’s first priorities in the U.S.

Fossil-fuel battle lines are drawn.  We (90 percent of us) are sacrificial pawns and tools of that war.

Commoners aren’t allowed at the governing tables in the elite boardrooms (0.01-0.09 percent and their minions are).

We need achievable breakout Renewable Energy Targets (RET’s) to phase out fossil-fuel energy by 2100.

This isn’t our age old dream of human fulfillment: to help each other become better human beings, for achieving local/global/peace, for living a harmonious full life for all human-beings globally.

Herb Nakada

Williams Lake