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LETTER: Roses for everyone who helped me from Mt. Timothy area during medical emergency

Thank you, all. You know who you are so thank you.


A field full of roses to all the skiers, Mt. Timothy first aid team, the ambulance and 100 Mile House Hospital doctors and nurses who helped me on Saturday, Feb. 27 at about 4 p.m.

While driving down from Mt. Timothy I suffered what turned out to be quite a serious heart attack. I pulled the truck over and my wife, Heather, helped me out where I was sick and then collapsed.

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Our daughter-in-law Kylie was behind us, so when she got there she immediately took control and commandeered warm clothes, heat packs, etc. to keep me warm while Shane and Janine from 100 Mile House phoned the ambulance and waited with us for over an hour until it arrived.

During that time, just about everyone on the road slowed or stopped to offer help. It made a person feel very safe to be from the Cariboo in a time of need.

Shane kindly drove my truck to 100 Mile House, and Heather was with me in the ambulance.

The ambulance took me to 100 Mile Hospital where the nurses and doctors on duty provided me with the best care. It was decided that I needed to get to Kelowna but getting there was very complicated.

The air ambulance could not land at the 108 airfield. Nurse Shaun took to the phones and, after some hours, had a plan.

The critical care team from Vancouver was to fly to Kamloops and bring an ambulance to Clinton.

The ambulance from 100 Mile House would get me to Clinton, where I was moved to the Kamloops ambulance.

In Kamloops I was transferred to the air ambulance and moved to Kelowna. The ambulance in Kelowna dropped me at the hospital at 7 a.m. on Feb. 28.

Since then I have been poked, jabbed and returned to a state of health I feel very fortunate to have achieved.

Had it not been for the people of the Cariboo, the ambulatory crews, doctors and nurses of the 100 Mile House Hospital, I have no idea where I may have ended up.

Thank you, all.

You know who you are so thank you.

Peter Philpotts

Williams Lake

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