LETTER: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is our worst nightmare

Darcy Martens wrote a letter a couple of weeks ago, “Give Justin Trudeau a Chance.”


Darcy Martens wrote a letter a couple of weeks ago, “Give Justin Trudeau a Chance.”

She thinks 500 hate mongers arriving in Canada will be balanced by 24,500 who will make us stronger.  These 500 are potential psychopaths with guns, terrorists in our mind, they think they are holy warriors.

Mr. Harper thought we could stretch ourselves, safely screen and take 10,000 refugees.  The USA with 10 times our population are having trouble taking 10,000 refugees.  We can’t phone up the Syrian Ministry of Family Affairs for records or to verify if these “refugees” are who they say they are or even if they are Syrian. Trudeau wants to prove he’s more macho than Harper, hence 25,000 is a bigger number he has chosen and hoping they will vote Liberal in the next election.

That’s 25,000 people who need everything from tooth brushes, medical, housing, spending money, courtesy of us.

There are 420 homeless in Williams Lake, there is no available housing in Abbotsford and Victoria.  The courts have ruled the homeless can live in tent cities in city parks.  What is Trudeau going to do for Canadian homeless?  Do they get free housing too?

Half the people don’t have family doctors.  There aren’t enough surgeons etc.  Now, we’ll have 25,000 more needy people getting medical.  We already have the longest wait times for surgeries in the western world.

Ten-thousand refugees was a stretch but with luck doable, 25,000 is just feeding a small man’s ego. These “refugees” come from a misogynist culture which has been violently intolerant of Jews, Christians, homosexuals and other Muslims who don’t believe the same as them.

As a grandpa I think it is short sighted to look at the world with rose coloured glasses. Trudeau is going to be a disaster for our economy, our promised $10 billion deficit each year has already grown to $12 billion, his green dream will become our nightmare.

Now, Trudeau is promising to bring in 50,000 Syrian refugees in 2016, why doesn’t he fast track the thousands of legal immigrants who are going through all the paperwork and bureucracy and waiting in their home country to come and live here and have something to contribute to our country.

I hope there is a “Stop Trudeau” movement by the next election.

Alan Trenzek

Williams Lake