Letter: Newcomers a breath of fresh air for upcoming election

It is terrific that newcomers are running for mayor and council.


It is terrific that newcomers are running for mayor and council. One of the major failings in our Canadian democratic system is far too many people decide, within themselves, that they are somehow not qualified because they lack this or that qualification.

True, it is good to have some understanding of how a system works but, in our democratic system, qualification to an elected office is absolutely not necessary.

If an inexperienced person were to win the mayor’s chair or a seat on council, they will receive the necessary training from the city administration offices.

From my many years of experience, my observation has always been that everyone knows something about subjects, which I and other so called highly qualified people may not have even thought about.

Therefore even the most inexperienced individual can and often does contribute sound advice, sometimes unexpectedly, in critical and constructive ways.

One of the greatest failings is for those that have held office for extended periods of time to develop, in their own mind, that they are the only ones qualified to make decisions, based on their extended time in office.

When this happens, those in office develop dynastic closed mind thinking, which is thinking that most constituents abhor as dictatorial.

What local politics needs is a refreshing change in office, I recall a lady that I knew, at New Years, she would open all the windows of her home to get a good fresh start on the New Year.

A new mayor and council would certainly be very refreshing for the City of Williams Lake, and the competition would encourage more voters to turn out for an election.

Doug Wilson

Williams Lake