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Letter: New book an important piece of history

A new book is in the process of being released in the Williams Lake area.


A new book is in the process of being released in the Williams Lake area. This book will surely be an important historical document for the life and times of Williams Lake. The book is called, simply enough, Rudy Johnson.

At age 92 Rudy has shared in a most wonderful way, his many years of life in the Williams Lake and Cariboo area. Annie Gallant of the Quesnel Observer “Life Styles” describes Rudy as a man with a sense of adventure, with a vision for the future and a man with a very practical mind.

Rudy in his book has recorded not only his interaction in the greater community but as well his determination to accomplish what to some would be impossible goals. For myself I would call his book a blueprint for success, that is, for anyone, striking out to achieve their life’s dreams. For Rudy nothing was impossible. Some things just took a little more effort.

Why is Rudy so important to the history of Williams Lake? Simply speaking how many of us can lay claim to having constructed a bridge across the fast flowing Fraser River, a very permanent monument in this community that will likely, and should survive for generations. Every person in the greater Williams Lake area should consider this bridge a very important heritage to each one of us that do make Williams Lake our home.

One of the very important things about Rudy’s book is his record of people and events that have helped Williams Lake transit from a little cow town to the respected city that it is today. Future genealogists will absolutely love finding the name of their uncle, aunt, brother, mother, father or grand parents, and what and how these people contributed to the development of today’s Williams Lake. What is also important here is that the names are full, not just initials attached to a last name.

I would certainly urge all, if you have an opportunity, to attend a book signing and meet Rudy Johnson, to do so. I would class Rudy as a living legend; Rudy is truly a Williams Lake treasure worth spending a few minutes to get to know.

Doug Wilson

Williams Lake