Letter: Likely residents need to pull together

As I sit and read the paper, scroll through Facebook, twitter and messenger, sadness engulfs me.


As I sit and read the paper, scroll through Facebook , twitter and messenger, sadness engulfs me.

I think, what has happen to the wonderful, family-like community we all used to live in.

I see families that used to be great friends fighting on Facebook.

I see the look on people’s faces when you tell them you’re still employed by Mount Polley. I heard the rumours, the self-made conclusions and I see the division.

You never hear about the endless hours that Imperial Metals put in to clean up this incident, keep the community informed and forge ahead to help get this mine back up and running, for the sake of our community, families and employees.

No one mentions that hard work everyone is doing. From the stick pickers, fire burners, water samplers, to the staff of Mount Polley. The list goes on and on.

All I hear is that no one is doing anything.

I see first-hand the hard work that is going into this cleanup. I believe the reports that are being released.

These people went to school for years to have the knowledge to tell us what is going on and why the water is green and that the water is safe to drink. That the fish are doing well.

As the posts keep coming, sadness deepens.  People are using computers, iPhone and other technology to voice their uneducated opinions about this incident yet not caring that the devices they are using are made from materials that the mining companies supply.

I am not downplaying what happened, we are all very sad this incident has taken place but relieved that no lives were lost. That alone is a miracle.

So my wish for Likely and surrounding areas is that we pull together as a family for the future of our children, grandchildren and many generations to follow.  Likely is a beautiful place to live and I am proud to say I am a resident of Likely BC.

Bonnie Rolston

Mount Polley employee

Likely resident

Quesnel Lake property owner