Letter: Find use for former Ford building

I wish someone would buy the old Lake City Ford building and turn it into an 'Old Folk Home.'


I wish someone would buy the old Lake City Ford building and turn it into an ‘Old Folk Home’ that would appeal to ranchers, farmers and country people.

There are some nice facilities here already, not to put them down in any way, they provide valuable service. Some people can be intimidated by all that fancy stuff, this place would be for down-home people.

I dream of a place that would cost about $200 less than what they would receive from CPP and OAP, so they could afford to live there. Meals would be included. There would be a 24-hour front desk attendant that would be a trained care-aid. Security and safety is a must.

This home would have the following features: in the big windowed area; country living room with basic furnishings, no carpet needed. To bring the outdoors in, larger potted trees and plants, complete with waterfall, would be very important.

The view from the windows would allow the people to feel in touch with the heart of the city, seeing the comings and goings on the street. Another area of this great room would be a small country diner, with booths for quieter conversation, a basic meat and potatoes-style menu, and a waitress. They could order anytime, just like in a real restaurant. No schedule.

Parking would easily accommodate them and their RVs (if they had one). Instead of expansive and expensive lawns and gardens, large, low-maintenance covered decks overlooking the Stampede Grounds would provide outdoor seating. The view of the horses and other livestock in the Stampede Grounds, along with the valley and mountains down the lake would stimulate conversation.

Unsupervised fun could be a simple carpentry shop in the back with basic hand tools, a crafter’s area and some small garden plots would be popular. The location is perfect for a short easy stroll to the mall, groceries, or the seniors centre. How easy would it be to check out the farmer’s market or music in the park. No chores anymore, play all day. Just imagine how nice it could be .. if the will was there?

Sharon Vinje

Williams Lake