Letter: Election crucial for civilization

Were slaves ever good for their masters; master’s good for their slaves?


Were slaves ever good for their masters; master’s good for their slaves?

One didn’t own oneself; one was a masters man or woman.

Evolving democratic concepts and attitudes challenge lingering traditional autocratic presuppositions.

Equality democratically frees master/slave dominant/submissive relationships. Freedom belongs to every person by virtue of their common humanity in a democratic society.

Democracy affirms our fundamental human equality in our common humanity.

In a democratic era, we can function only as equals among equals. Extremely unequal is one per cent owning more global wealth than 99 per cent by 2016 (the U.S. nears 1/10 of one per cent).  We all suffer from inequality.

Beyond incomplete abolition of slavery, women/children’s inequality, social injustice, unnecessary global wars … imposed poverty … master oligarchs undermine democracy by growing global inequality.

Eight of 11 richest most powerful global corporations are titanic fossil-fuel extractors producing submissive extinction.

Without interest in mitigating fossil-fuel extraction for the common good, Canadian and American Petroleum Producers (oil and gas) deceptively promise “prosperity.”

We are fast tracked into irreversible catastrophic climate change.  Discounted valid climate science is largely ignored against common sense for uncommon profit.  Fatih Birol (Chief Economist, International Energy Agency) says, in 2017, the door closes for staying below 2C.

Beginning now (2015-2030), divesting from fossil-fuel energy and investing in non-polluting renewable energy is critical.

Oligarchs deny environmental limits of greenhouse gases produced from burning fossil-fuels(coal, gas and oil).  Our government promotes their oligarchy over democracy.

Canadian 2015 election is crucial for democratic human civilization.  Our greatest human crisis facing the modern world looms.

Democratic ideals producing common public good for all are vilified — garbaged.  Master’ of deception promote extreme oligarchic private wealth degrading common humanity.

Securing our environmental sustainability, social justice, social equality and global peace for all, requires our democratic participation and contribution.

The remedy for our inequity threatening 50,000 years of human history, is our direct democratic participation to regulate tragic vile unbridled avarice endangering all — anarchic oligarchic capitalism.

Herb Nakada

Williams Lake