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LETTER: Don’t forget to take the time to listen

I am a firm believer that stories impact us most when we hear them from those we care about


I was saddened to read last week of Lyle Moorman’s passing in Armstrong at the age of 92. During the summer of 2020, I had the pleasure of speaking with Lyle over the phone while working on a research project about the Alston Theatre in Williams Lake.

Despite his age, Lyle was very sharp and was able to get me in contact with former Alston Theatre owner Ron Barkwell.

I decided to ask Lyle a few questions about himself while I had the chance, so I was very surprised when Ron later informed me that the two had owned the Alston Theatre together! Lyle hadn’t said anything about it to me, but Ron informed me that Lyle had always kept his involvement there very quiet and preferred to stay out of the spotlight.

Even Dave Hothi, who worked for and later bought the Alston from Ron, had no idea that Lyle had owned it too. Perhaps there’s more to this story as some have suggested to me, but I guess only the cards will tell.

Dedicated yet humble, Lyle worked hard behind the scenes, but Ron didn’t recall him ever even going to see a show. He told me Lyle was “a great guy,” and the two still kept in touch. Lyle lived at Felker Lake until 2014, and my grandma Judy Rogers told me that she and my grandpa Bub (Ken Rogers) had known him and that he was always very kind.

I feel honoured to have been able to speak with Mr. Moorman, and I hope he knows how thankful I was that he took the time to answer my call. My sincere condolences go out to all of Lyle’s family and friends.

I am a firm believer that stories impact us most when we hear them from those we care about, so please don’t forget to take the time to listen.

Massimo Calabrese

Williams Lake

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