Letter: Condemned structure meeting should be open to public

After years of vague explanations, excuses and apparent inaction, we were delighted to hear.


After years of vague explanations, excuses and apparent inaction, we were delighted to hear that “bylaws” is presenting a financial proposal to council regarding the cleanup and removal of condemned structures.

I phoned the city staff to ascertain the time of the meeting and where this item would appear on the agenda.

I was shocked to find this report would be “in camera.”

I would like to know how far in tax arrears is Williams Inn and the implications of this among other questions.

I was told that at times no report is given when the council moved out of in camera.

I expect a report and/or recommendations to come forth, and asked if I could comment or question at that particular meeting.

Apparently not.

This is democracy at work?

After five fires, one of which required evacuation by the police and my unit was damaged, countless incidents of harassment, theft, trespass and drug dealing, we certainly have a vested interest in the disposition of the dangerous structures, which are once again being used as a squatters abode, and which are once again not properly fenced or secured.

We fail to see the necessity of in camera for this meeting.

As taxpayers, we are entitled to review the bylaws report and add input.

We find the lack of transparency, and in fact, secrecy, suspect.

In fact, the city and or others could make considerable profits by owning the prime downtown property due to tax default and non payment of fines. Secret meetings?

We would like to be assured this mess will be cleaned up and not a continuing detriment in lowering the standard of living for Yorston Gables.

We hope you consider the dangers and legal implications of not acting to demolish and cleanup the condemned site.

Alena Grosso (manager of Yorston Gables), Kelly McFadden (assistant manager of Yorston Gables) and Christine Mallette (resident of Yorston Gables)

Williams Lake