Letter: Bond between countries needs to extend to emigrants

This year we celebrate the 70-year bond between Canada and the Netherlands.


This year we celebrate the 70-year bond between Canada and the Netherlands.

Because of this good bond, I was told that it was not that difficult to emigrate to Canada.

In November of 2013 I married my Canadian husband, we paid the fee of $550 CAD and sent in all the paperwork which was needed. March 2014 all the papers were sent back to Holland because they had to be sent to another city in Canada.

In October of 2014 they told us we had to do all the paperwork again, because it was old information. How can dates become old information?

In January of 2015 I got an e-mail from the CIC that they had begun my papers in November 2014.

Now it’s May 2015 and I still know nothing.

In May 2014 I paid $100 CAD for my temporary residence, the valid date was 18 April 2015. Again we paid $100 CAD for a new temporary residence, but still don’t have an answer. That means that I cannot travel.

In the meantime I don’t have medical insurance, I am not allowed to share the medical insurance of my husband. I can have a private insurance, but that is very expensive.

There is more, (I have) a lot of money in the bank, but they can not give me a Mastercard.

I have a Mastercard from Walmart now.

I have had a drivers licence for 30 years, but I may not drive.

I could buy an international drivers license in Holland and may drive here for a year with it.

Not my friends in the Netherlands, nor the people in Williams Lake, I talk to, understand this.

I am retired with a good monthly income myself, my medical check was OK.

I work with a legal emigration office in the Netherlands.

I spent $20,000 CAD for the renovation of our trailer, bought myself a car, so already spent a lot of money, but don’t have any rights.

I don’t regret my decision to come to Canada, the people are very friendly, I love the nature and of course my husband.

Maybe this is something for other people to know.

Marianne Piller

Williams Lake