Kenny Rogers said it best

Letter writer Doug Wilson says Canada could learn from Canada's gold winning women's hockey team when it comes to mining.


Canada’s gold winning women’s hockey team should be a lesson for us all, as the words in Kenny Rogers song The Gambler, “You never count your money when you’re sittin’ at the table.”

The United States had won the hockey game, most watchers will agree, and then in the almost dying moments of the game, the tables turned.

As long as mineral is in the ground Taseko Mines Ltd. has not lost the game, either.

I liken it to moose hunting.

Out every day, you see the sign.

You absolutely know there are moose out there, you almost feel like you are being taunted, day after day with no luck.

Do you give up?

Do you decide you are wasting your time?

No, just like the women’s hockey team you never give up, and sure enough you eventually get your moose.

The Federal Minister of Environment, Leona Aglukkaq, has turned down Taseko’s current bid to establish the mine in the environmental method that Taseko was proposing, however, in doing so the Minister has clearly stated, in my opinion, that if the environmental issues can be satisfactorily mitigated then again, in my opinion, the mine development could proceed.

It’s like having a driver’s license, as long as we meet the required criteria and follow the established rules of the road we are allowed to drive.

One of the major environmental objections was possible leakage from the tailings pond.

It may cost a mining company millions of dollars, however, this issue with the installation of an impervious membrane can be dealt with.

When objections are raised mining companies like Taseko, view them as just another bump in the road.

What Taseko does at this point will most likely be up to the Taseko shareholders.

Taseko shareholders may say enough is enough, let’s cut our losses and put the project up for sale.

A new owner having purchased the mine at possible fire sale prices, may be quite prepared to spend the required millions of dollars to meet and overcome the environmental concerns as established in the review process.

Taseko, on the other hand, could itself decide that the environmental requirements have been clearly enunciated, and go ahead on that basis.

The review process has instructed Taseko the environmentally how of the mine proceeding.

To be sure, as in the Kenny Rogers song, the dealing is not, as yet done.


Doug Wilson

Williams Lake