Keep cheering for the Canucks

Like many of you, I was depressed when the Canucks lost Game 7 last Wednesday.

Like many of you, I was depressed when the Canucks lost Game 7 last Wednesday.

Every so often, I tried using the Secret to help the Canucks win, focusing on them winning the Cup, focusing on Boston Bruins’ goalie Tim Thomas making a little slip and fall down or even for him to just fall asleep.

I shouted at the TV and I offered Roberto Luongo, the Sedins, and Maxim Lapierre encouragement, but my efforts just weren’t enough as Roberto Luongo was hit with goal after goal, and Thomas ever-so-calmly stopped every single puck that came at him.

I began losing hope until all hope was lost and so was our chance at winning the Stanley Cup.

When it was clear we were defeated, it hurt and it was disappointing.

But it is a game and the loss, no matter how depressing, was not as disappointing as what took place in an isolated area of Vancouver.

Depressing, embarrassing, and shameful. And it’s obvious many in the rest of the world watching the news reports following the riots in downtown Vancouver formed an opinion that we are not only poor losers but also a bunch of thugs.

Though there were quite a few bad apples after the game, it’s important to let the rest of the world know that there were even more Canucks fans who took the loss with grace, even cheering for the Bruins as they reached for the cup after the final win.

Those fans know there is always next year when we will have another chance to take home the Stanley Cup.

In the meantime — Go Canucks Go!