It’s time

Let’s hope we’re onto something here.

Something new, something different, something right and something honest.

Premier Christy Clark announced a smaller cabinet “focused on putting families first, creating jobs and changing the way British Columbians engage with their government.”

And while those plans sound lovely, it’s time all British Columbians committed to ensuring they keep on top of political promises.

Clark deserves a chance. But with unemployment still an issue, industry cautiously optimistic, debt on the rise and provincial services struggling, the time for voters to take control of their future is more important than ever.

It is our job to hold our elected officials accountable.

But in order to do that, we must know what Clark’s priorities are, what her vision is for the province and what she plans on doing with her time in office.

It’s one thing to stand up and say, “We’re focusing on building the economy, creating jobs, supporting families and investing in services,” it’s another thing altogether to do it.

But that’s precisely what B.C. needs right now: action. And that means commitment and follow-through. It also means the fine people of this province need to step up and ensure their province and their needs are being addressed.

By paying attention we are committing to holding politicians accountable.

By ensuring we’re on top of their platforms, mandates and vision, we set a standard of accountability, not just for our officials, but for ourselves.

Now is not the time to sit back, watch the snow melt and cross our fingers a new era has begun.

Now is the time to take responsibility for the future of our province; to take control of our destiny, our children’s destiny and empower ourselves with the knowledge to do so.

Read, research, watch the news, go online.

Do it for your children, for your neighbour, for your province and for yourself – our future depends on it.


–Autumn MacDonald, Observer