Inequality grows

Herb Nakada, in his letter to the editor, discusses social inequality and sustainability.


Our “marketplace” isn’t working for “us” … for universal social equality … democracy … justice for all … peace … for our sustainability.

We are oligarchic … plutocratic … aristocratic … cloaked in “democracy.”  It is autocratic dominance and submission … by money/manipulation shaping our perceptions and beliefs … “owning” the ballot booth … or dollars buying votes … monetary “free” speech … for “owning” us.

The elite shape and control our perceptions … our beliefs … they suppress evolutionary democracy. The elite do not yet have “full” control over your thoughts. Think!

We were “created” equal … then compete systemically … “against” each other to be as “unequal” as possible.  Like George Orwell’s 1984 … some are “more equal” than others? We are our own worst enemies.

The top 20 per cent achieve “superiority” in the marketplace … market social “inequality” believed to be inevitably “just” and “natural.”  Believing only in social “superiors” and “inferiors” … driven to be “superior” by fear of being “inferior” … the marketplace misses democratic social equality all together!

Twenty per cent own 85 per cent of the wealth.  Eighty per cent compete “against” each other for the remaining 15 per cent of wealth.  One per cent own 50 per cent of the world’s wealth … 50 per cent share one per cent of it.  Ninety-nine per cent are beholden to the one per cent.

The bottom is beyond human moral decency … for any human being … especially children … women … the aged.

Inequality grows. The marketplace grows a grinding global poverty for the “rule” of oligarchs, plutocrats, aristocrats … not democracy.  We have a global society where the rich and powerful “rule” without limits to growth … for the “benefit” of the “elite.”  We are not well.

Obsessed … the top 0.01 per cent want more! We have passed “sustainability” for growing elite/wealth from fossil fuels. Today … unlimited economic growth on a finite planet isn’t remotely reasonable … nor possible.

Time is a “luxury” we no longer have.  Money … not morals … drives “business as usual”. … on the edge of human caused climate “tipping points” … with evolutionary democratic morals … repressed.

Herb Nakada

Williams Lake