I predict HST would need to be rolled back


Dear Hon. Christy Clark, Premier of British Columbia,


Dear Hon. Christy Clark, Premier of British Columbia,

By all means, plan what you will do depending on how the vote for the HST goes, but please avoid spending any more money on this issue in order to try to sway the vote one way or the other.

I suggest you focus your efforts on the vote that will win you a seat back into the legislature.

The amount of money that the HST has already chewed away at the average person’s (net) salary is staggering.

I predict that if it the HST goes ahead, it will have to be rolled back because it will embarrass the government as to how much tax money it will actually cause to accumulate.

If a future budget cannot be balanced once the Olympic woes are paid off, then I would have to wonder how competent a government is that could not balance the books with such a “HST Cash Cow.”

It really bothers me that the B.C. Liberals are in bed with the federal Conservatives to help both levels of governments add another thick layer of monetary plumage to their treasuries, at the expense of their constituents, while cutting taxes to big business who are generating either indecent record earnings or pollution.

Feel free to write back. No HST, I promise! Constituent’s Honour. Taxingly Yours, and I mean yours,

Rocco Catalano

Williams Lake