How will Clark address First Nations’ concerns on Prosperity mine?


We now have a new premier-designate, Christy Clark.


We now have a new premier-designate, Christy Clark.

During the recent Liberal leadership campaign Ms. Clark stated her support for Prosperity mine and promised to go to Ottawa to fight for a reversal to the decision.

She believes that the environmental damage incurred by Taseko in its first proposal was an acceptable tradeoff for jobs.

Now, due to increased gold and copper prices, Taseko says it can develop the mine without destroying Fish Lake.

But the Liberal government had accepted Taseko’s first proposal that destroying Fish Lake was the only possible option. Based on that information the Liberal government gave approval for the mine.

Now, suddenly, Taseko is back with a new plan and premier-designate Christy Clark is prepared to accept its word at face value.

Any new, alternative plan proposed by Taseko must survive the scrutiny of the same review panel process as the first proposal. Government has a responsibility to care for the resources that belong to all the people of Canada.

Ms. Clark’s announcement that she would go to Ottawa to fight for a reversal of the federal government’s decision also makes no mention of how the First Nations issues will be addressed.

The First Nations people of the Chilcotin were alienated during the provincial assessment and withdrew from the process. Will Ms. Clark now simply ignore their concerns?

Our new premier may look different but it sounds like the same old story.

Charlie Wyse

Williams Lake