House cleaning in the senate

Liberal leader Justin Trudeau surprised everyone this week — including most of his own party

Liberal leader Justin Trudeau surprised everyone this week — including most of his own party — by removing all the Liberal senators from his caucus and making them all Independent.

Trudeau declared that from now on the only way to be a part of the Liberal caucus is to be put there by the people of Canada.

Of course we all know the struggles facing the archaic Canadian Senate in the past year — can we ever forget about the expense scandal?

If Trudeau thought he’d actually make changes for the better when he announced this decision, he should be applauded for his efforts to clean up the senate.

However, it’s hard to view the move as anything more than a publicity stunt and political suicide for Trudeau within his own party.

Affected Liberal senators were asked their opinion on the decision. They all supported their former leader and said being labelled as Independents certainly wouldn’t stop them from thinking or acting like Liberals.

Our point exactly –– what difference does it make if Trudeau declares his senators Independent now? They will always be affiliated with the party that appointed them.

Trudeau also said if he were Prime Minister he would task a non-elected, “independent” body to appointed “independent” still non-elected senators … what?

Not that current Prime Minister Stephen Harper has been any better at addressing senate reform.

He’s been too busy lately cozying up to Israel and, this week, defending the rude behaviour of Julian Fantino, the minister of veteran’s affairs responsible for closing nine Veterans Affairs offices across Canada, including one in Prince George.

It will be interesting to see what Harper’s next move will be to counter Trudeau’s ambitious leap forward to take the country’s top job.


— Williams Lake Tribune