Hough Memorial sets $40,000 fundraising goal

Are you familiar with the Hough Memorial Cancer Fund Society?


Are you familiar with the Hough Memorial Cancer Fund Society?  It is a local non-profit society founded in 1972 by Lillian Hough in memory of her husband, Bill, who died from undetected brain cancer.  Lillian passed away in 1998, but the society is dedicated to continuing the great work she started.  The sole purpose of the society is to provide cancer detection equipment for Cariboo Memorial Hospital.

I find it incredible that Hough Memorial has been involved in purchasing almost $3 million worth of equipment for our hospital.  If you have had an operation or procedure at Cariboo Memorial, you probably had the benefit of a piece of equipment purchased by the Hough Fund.

This has saved many of us the stress, time, and expence of having to travel to another community to attend to our medical needs.  It has also helped recruit and retain much needed physicians and specialists in our community.

The goal for 2012 is to raise $40,000 for a new gastroscope for the operating room.  With increased usage, it is necessary to replace some equipment every three years.  This enables our hospital to keep up with the latest digital technology on a continuing basis.

Every dollar raised or donated to the Hough Fund is for equipment for our hospital.  Please remember this when you make donations “In Memoriam” of a friend or loved one.

The Society will send cards to the bereaved, acknowledging your donation.  Let’s support our community by supporting the Hough Memorial Cancer Fund Society.  More information can be found at www.houghmemorial.org

Joan Magee

Williams Lake