Help the planet

Take a few moments on Earth Day Saturday, April 21 to go that extra mile to help out Mother Earth.

While we should all make day-to-day decisions to help our planet in some way or another, whether it be tossing that plastic bottle in the recycling bin (or better yet, carrying a reusable one) or walking a few blocks instead of driving, take a few moments on Earth Day Saturday, April 21 to go that extra mile to help out Mother Earth.

Pick up trash in your neighbourhood; make at least one small resolution to live more green, such as turning off the tap when brushing your teeth; or vow from now on to never forget your reusable bags when you head to the grocery store.

Being conscious of our planet isn’t limited to caring about global warming/climate change. It also takes into consideration our rivers and streams, air quality, and toxins in our environment. Being environmentally conscious goes hand in hand with being health conscious for us and for future generations.

A couple of Earth Day events taking place in the lakecity include Awakening the Dreamer: Changing the Dream symposium/community sustainability forum/Earth Day Extravaganza held on Saturday at Thompson Rivers University, as well as an Earth Day Family Mural Painting project, using recycled paint, at Rona on Sunday. And there will be an Earth Day celebration at Scout Island on Sunday that will include planting trees and painting and building with mud.

If you are too busy at home to attend those events, incorporate Earth-friendly ideas into your weekend tasks. If you plan to work in your garden, resist the urge to use pesticides and opt for companion-planting measures instead. If renovating your home, seek out non-toxic paints and carpets, and search for recycled materials to use (and make sure you recycle items you no longer want).

Even if you start making a few small changes in your life, you will be contributing to a healthier planet and brighter future for us all.