Halloween trick-or-treaters praised

Every year, I mean to write this letter and every year, I don’t.





Every year, I mean to write this letter and every year, I don’t.

I’ve become a proponent of calling in the compliment as well as the complaint, so I really must walk the walk and pass on my observations.

We live on one of those streets where Halloween is a big deal.

It started out with one house getting particularly decked out and many of the rest of us have since taken to keeping up with the Joneses; literally and figuratively.

I know it’s not for everyone, but it seems that the people who get into Halloween, really get into Halloween.

This year, we had 392 kids knock, ring and holler trick-or-treat at our front door.

It was our busiest year so far. The sidewalks were crammed to overflowing with two and three generations of families, many of them also in costume, out taking in the sights as they accompanied their princesses and firemen on their candy collecting missions.

If we had 392 kids by our door, I’d hazard a guess that somewhere near a thousand people walked our street.

Here’s where the compliment comes in: the next morning, not so much as a fallen leaf was out of place.

No vandalism, no theft, not even a toilet papered car or tree. No eggs, no graffiti and not even any litter of note.

The best part?

Out of 392 kids, almost every single one of them said: “Thank you” or “Happy Halloween” or “I like your house, it’s really creepy,”  and they said it without being jabbed in the ribs by a parent.

Great job kids and  thank you, community, for restoring a little faith in mankind.  It was a treat.




April Gerwing,

Williams Lake