Greed puts civilization in jeopardy

Herb Nakada, in his letter to the editor, raises concerns about the distribution of wealth.


$11 million … was the “average compensation” for an S&P CEO in 2010 … while the unstable world still wallows in the wreckage of an ongoing global financial crisis. Seven of the top 10 Global 500 are oil corporations. Shell Oil is number one.

Wall Street greed put the world in global recession (2008). Did LIBOR banks (16) collude … putting many countries, states, municipalities … people near or in bankruptcy … while the power/elite enlarge their unregulated personal fortunes? Are the working/unemployed people “mere” pawns?

Within the nation (U.S.), boasting it is the “wealthiest” country in the world … 25 per cent of working people “earn” below the poverty line. In some countries, 25 per cent protest … being unemployed while able and willing to work … 50 per cent youth unemployment exists. While nations are in crisis … children starve unacceptably. The elderly and youth die first. Pity the poor billionaires!

Unhealthily stressed … overworked, under-paid, unorganized, under-nourished with unaffordable health and dental care, degrading public policy … education … social services … social safety nets … are now a commonplace part of “privatization” for supporting the one per cent power/elite striving for more wealth/power.

Twenty-one million Americans will still have no health insurance after Obama-care (Affordable Health Care Act?)

Owners of slaves had to take care of their property. Wage slaves on their own create more wealth for the power/elite. Undesired “P” word (poverty) and “W” word (welfare) contrasts with “untouchable” government corporate welfare.

A successful number one Shell Oil drilling in the high Arctic … will bring a rush of oil corporations to the Arctic. The final corporate assault for oil, coal, natural “clean” gas, minerals and remaining natural resources … is reckless … putting all civilization in jeopardy.

If … as most scientists believe … man-made global warming is eminently threatening global civilization … most scientists are for sustainable civilization.

Assaulting a sustainable global civilization … aristocracy, plutocracy, oligarchy assaults democracy and its foundation of “social equality.”

“Trickling” down well-funded support for keeping their “servants (10 per cent)” well above the bottom 50 per cent strengthens vertical anti-democratic dominant/submissive anti-social relationships.

Herb Nakada

Williams Lake