GMOs should be election issue

We are facing every day, every hour of our lives a lack of proper healthy food.


With all respect for political candidates who are running in this election, period, I am just a bit surprised and perhaps disappointed that a basic and crucial issue touching the lives of the electorate on a daily basis did not make it onto anyone’s agenda.

We are facing every day, every hour of our lives a lack of proper healthy food!

There are a large number of people, including politicians, who are bickering about issues of lesser importance.

The real, naturally grown food supply is in great danger today because genetically modified products are being dumped on our soil.

For that one simple reason, my question to all political hopefuls is this: “What will your kids and grandkids eat tomorrow, if you don’t start protecting our real food supply today?”

What will the next generation say about our intelligence and lack of responsibility if we simply disregard the issue of genetically modified food?

When will our elected politicians start protecting our most important food suppliers: our farmers, our growers and ranchers.

Perhaps many individuals think that their voice cannot do much to improve the situation.

On the contrary, it only takes minutes of your time to speak up.

Your voice may get the attention of one representative in the town across the Georgia Straight.

Your voice may help one grower in his fight to protect his crop from the dumping of genetically modified products on our soil.

Please remember that politics is not a science.

It is corruption and greed that is controlling science and politicians.

PS: Please, if you are in agreement with the above, let your representative know what is important to your life, and what is missing on their political platform.

Robert Boznik

Williams Lake