Global climate clock swiftly ticking down

Western Antarctic ice-sheet’s climate tipping point has been passed (NASA 5/12/14), adding to the irreversible melting Arctic.



Western Antarctic ice-sheet’s climate tipping point has been passed (NASA 5/12/14), adding to the irreversible melting Arctic.  Critical questions: 1.) Why did this happen?  2.) Can others be prevented?

Hampered scientific efforts to monitor/prevent the climate tipping-point of Northern permafrost meltdown geometrically compounds mankind’s catastrophic failures.

Megalomania is Canadian world “super-power” status based on expanded global consumption of Canadian fossil-fuels.

Climate injustices are inter-generational crimes against future generations afflicted/perished willfully.  Compromised global climate/social justice cascades climate-tipping points.

Harmful social/environmental consequences are historical facts.  Canadian/global democracies are deliberately besieged/undermined.

Turning back the clock, the legacy of Imperialism/Colonialism to plunder the planet’s wealth is alive and well.

The world’s richest 300 now own more globally extracted wealth than the poorest three billion.

The richest one per cent now owns 40 per cent of global wealth.

The top 10 per cent now owns 85 per cent of global wealth.  The bottom 90 per cent owns 15 per cent of global wealth.

The poorest 50 per cent owns one percent of global wealth.  Most in India “live” on $2 a day.  Most in Indonesia “live” on $1 a day.  Unequal anti-democratic gaps widens.

In the next coming decade, the numbers of predatory billionaires are expected to double.

Total autocracy doesn’t exist.

Plutocrats/fossil-fuel corporations must buy “democratic” representatives/retainers.

Bought retainers/legislators rule to secure the globally privileged elite.

Billions are spent to consolidate top-class status.

Locally/globally, democratic justice for all and human rights are trampled. What choices have we in a real democracy?

Democratically, stop 13 climate tipping-points.

Change local/global marketplaces to promote/work for local/global equality, justice and peace.

Plutocratic wealth finances massive Canadian/global fossil-fuel consumption.  Millions are spent for future pipelines and shipping allowing a tripled Canadian tar-sand industry … millions for LNG ambitions/schemes, blocking 2C maximum global-climate agreements.

The climate clock is swiftly ticking down.

Stop cascading climate tipping-points.  Test the value and usefulness of democracy…for all the people globally.

In 2014, decide to make a democratic difference.

Fulfill Canada’s democratic destiny … capably … unstoppably.

Herb Nakada

Williams Lake