Give Prime Minister Justin Trudeau a chance

Letter writer asks that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau be given a chance.


I’m not political but vote. I’m not an environmentalist but my eyes see.

I’m a grandmother with more than most, living without fear.

Without TV what I glean comes from the conversation of others. Nothing’s changed.

Trudeau’s response when asked if he thought of his father today was: “Sorry, dad. I’m thinking of my children.”

When asked why his team was made up the way it was he replied: “It’s 2015.”

Who knows the future?

Twenty-five-thousand people minus 500 equals 24,500.

Canada plus 24,500 is stronger than 500-plus persons promoting hatred.

Parisians put aside fear choosing happiness. The refugees are not here so we can’t say for certain what their makeup will be.

When I had Corral Gardens propagating one plant minus one half equals two — my math is unconventional.

We have much to share.

In school my daughter encountered bullying. She said: “If I walk away I will be the target I’m afraid.”

I said: “If you do nothing you, too, are a bully. If you show courage and walk away someone else will, too. And before long the bully is alone.”

Humans are the only species making the “conscious” decision to dirty their water, land and air.

It’s true, with money I could buy but I already have. Sharing.

If Trudeau changes taxation I could contribute more. Science and technology know better.

I have to believe we can encourage economics without destruction. The grandma in me.

First Nations have a “talking stick” where it is not you or me but the third way that speaks.

It’s found in inclusiveness.

Children see with honesty and sincerity. No colour, race or religion. The simple joy in another.

I’m not computer literate, spending my life doing. Inadvertently, I clicked on YouTube — “The girl who silenced the world for six minutes” — from 23 years ago.

Nothing’s changed.

Maybe Trudeau should be given a chance. After all, we still haven’t got the message.

Darcy Martens

Williams Lake