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FRENCH CONNECTION: Sometimes nice things happen by accident

The other night I happened on a review of Celtic Thunder

The Trudeau marriage breakup was in the headlines last week. I hope the Trudeau haters will leave this alone. I wish all marriages would be happy, but I don’t know how the Trudeaus not making it will damage the nation.

I’m getting tired of Trudeau haters. They’re making me more sympathetic toward him.

Sometimes nice things happen by accident. The other night I was channel hopping and happened on a review of Celtic Thunder, a lively singing group of young Irish lads, on PBS.

Saw them in person once and love them but hadn’t heard of them for years. A bonus was the show was almost all singing, not old geezers talking about the singers.

A sad note on the entertainment scene – Buffy Sainte Marie is retiring. She’s one of my favourites. She performed here once long ago when the occasional big-name performer would visit Williams Lake.

The news last week that is giving local residents something to chew on was the announcement by the Cariboo Chilcotin School Board of its plans for a new Marie Sharpe School and a few other things to go with it.

The other things include an attached cultural centre and a multi-use indoor fieldhouse. The idea is for the project (use and costs) to be shared by the school district, Williams Lake First Nation, the City of Williams Lake and Cariboo Chilcotin Regional District. The school board has offered different options for the project.

It sounds like a Wow idea, but of course there are questions. Like costs – given the economy, is the timing OK? Can taxpayers afford their share? Will the senior governments contribute? Can downtown afford to lose the greenspace?

There will be other concerns but I’m sure politicians — and members of the public — will decide what will work. Or not.

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