FRENCH CONNECTION: Some good among the gloom

FRENCH CONNECTION: Some good among the gloom

Wouldn’t it be something to have two Canadian teams in the finals?

Every day still seems to begin with at least one bad news event, either a COVID-19 story, world disaster, political shenanigans, drug overdoses, or environmental disaster. It’s distressing even when the sun is shining. There are good things happening but sometimes they get lost in the gloom.

Among the good news is Central Chilcotin Rehabilitation Ltd., the joint venture of Tsi Del Del (Alexis Creek) and Tl’etinqox (Anaham).

The company will take the slash piles left by logging, sell the pulp grade logs to Cariboo Pulp in Quesnel, grind up the rest of it for sale to Pinnacle Pellets and Atlantic Power here in the city. The project is a win win. It helps restore the land and creates jobs. The news that Xat’sull First Nation (Soda Creek) will get Roger and Alison Patenaude’s Carpenter Mountain Ranch as part of treaty negotiations is another win and hopefully a first in this direction.

August is the big month for 4-H and the stories of these young people and their animals is always happy news.

The story of the Canucks and Canadiens winning their first rounds in the hockey playoffs isn’t earth shattering, but surely it’s on the good side, especially since both did poorly all season.

The Canadiens have Carey Price who, of course, is outstanding, but he needs a few teammates to score goals. He had them for the three games. The young Canuck players did themselves proud.

I’m not biased or anything like that, but wouldn’t it be something to have two Canadian teams in the finals?

And wouldn’t it be something if we could put our differences aside (even if we do feel silly wearing masks), focus on responsibilities instead of “rights,” and work together to do whatever it takes to end the coronavirus pandemic.

Diana French is a freelance columnist for the Tribune. She is a former Tribune editor, retired teacher, historian and book author.

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