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FRENCH CONNECTION: Politics and a wedding dress

Some happy news for me
Diana French pens a weekly column for the Williams Lake Tribune. (Monica Lamb-Yorski photo - Williams Lake Tribune)

Pierre Poilievre’s Conservative party held its convention last week and delegates chose their priorities for the next election, whenever that may be. Mr. Poilievre, who sees himself as the next Prime Minister, doesn’t necessarily have to follow the party’s choices.

His main song is that Canada is broken (Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s fault) and he (Poilievre) will put it back together. Actually the whole world is broken, and many woes, like earthquakes, tornados, etc. are beyond any politician’s power to stop.

Ironically the Conservative leader’s comments came just as U.S. news announced that Canada ranked the second best country in the world to live in. We were rated, among other things, for our quality of life, military and economic prowess, power, cultural influence, heritage and social impact. Did Mr. Trudeau have anything to do with any of that? Or did it happen in spite of him?

I believe Mr. Poilievre is a decent person, but I pick on him because he’s such an attack dog in his public role. Changing his appearance didn’t change his political style. I wish he’d done it the other way around – changed his style rather than his appearance. But, he could surprise us and start acting like a statesmen and work with the other parties to show how it can be done.


Some happy news for me. My newly engaged Granddaughter #4 plans to wear my wedding dress. Having no daughters, I didn’t expect anyone to wear it. Its traditional lace over satin, but it was unique 70 years ago. It has a very puffy midi-length skirt and a strapless top with a lace bolero. As it happened, one of my daughters-in-law wore it, and now her daughter will. I wonder if it will last for a fourth generation to wear.

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