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FRENCH CONNECTION: Politicians and temper tantrums

I was looking for something to watch on TV recently, and ended up with All in the Family on Channel 69.

I was looking for something to watch on TV recently, and ended up with All in the Family on Channel 69.

I hadn’t thought of that show for years and needed a laugh or two, but missed some of the humour because every time Archie Bunker had a temper tantrum, he reminded me of some present politicians.

Donald Trump, for one, but what about our federal Official Opposition leader, Pierre Poilievre?

Under Canada’s parliamentary system, the Opposition’s job is to criticize government legislation and action, suggest alternatives and amendments, ask questions and seek information. Then trigger, educate, and mould public opinion by voice and vote.

Mr. P certainly uses his voice to trigger and mould public opinion, but he can be short on information, and, in my opinion, he spends more time thundering on about the prime minister’s shortcomings than he does in telling us how he’d do better.

In his rant over the report on foreign interference in our election process, Mr. Poilievre went on and on about how the “friendship” between Pierre Trudeau and the report’s author, former Governor General David Johnson, created a conflict of interest that negated the report.

He ignored the fact that Mr. Johnson also has ties to the Conservatives. He was appointed Governor General by Stephen Harper.

Mr. Poilievre is an experienced member of Parliament. He should act like one. As I write this, he has not accepted the opportunity to read the classified information that convinced Mr. Johnston not to hold a public inquiry into the foreign interference issue. Wouldn’t he be more credible if he had that information?

Rather than blaming Justin Trudeau for everything amiss, Mr. Poilievre could keep the Liberals in line by doing what Opposition leaders are supposed to do, make sure we have the best government possible.

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