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FRENCH CONNECTION: In the eyes of the beholder

I’m getting pickier about the TV programs I watch
Diana French pens a weekly column for the Williams Lake Tribune. (Monica Lamb-Yorski photo - Williams Lake Tribune)

Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievere has copied a trick from his rival, Justin Trudeau. He’s changed his appearance. The Prime Minister has changed his hair style a few times, and once grew a beard, hoping to make himself look older and more Prime Ministerial. I guess that by ditching his glasses and business suits, Mr. Poilievre hopes his changed appearance will give him the look of a warmer, kinder person.

It isn’t likely to work. He is who he is, and he isn’t a kindly man. As Toronto columnist Heather Mallick says, his new “snap on tools” won’t change that.


As I grow older and have more spare time, I’m getting pickier about the TV programs I watch. It’s mostly CBC, CTV and Global for news. Why do right wing politicians dislike CBC? News is news. We hear what we want to hear.

I usually watch public broadcasting for entertainment, but I do have a problem with the TV specials focusing on entertainers in the music field. I happily sit down to enjoy, only to find most of the program is made up of former celebrities going on and on about whoever or whatever the topic is, with only bits of music now and then to make a point. It’s not what I want to hear. If the show is about Elvis Presley, I want to hear him sing, not some old geezers yapping endlessly about how popular he was.

As for the news, we have at least two months of fire season left. The floods could go on forever, ditto the shootings, stabbings and war talk, etc. Wouldn’t it be lovely if one day the breaking news would proclaim a new record —- a whole day WITHOUT even one bad thing happening anywhere in the world?

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